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Physical and Vital Information
Owned By Mulan
Species Javan Rhino
Gender Female
Theme Colors Turquoise, Sea Green, Red, and Purple
Voice (App)

(Whisker Haven)

Alora is Mulan's pet baby Javan Rhino. She met Mulan after spotting her charging at Lee when they were training for sparring on a field. Now she's becoming Mulan's protector since the day they met.



She's a sea green rhino with an emerald green mane and tail, and purple eyes. She has red ribbons on her ears and one on her tail and her neck. She's got a purple crown and wears a purple cape on her back.


She's protective.


  • Pawcation Color Change Pets
  • Furry Tails Friends


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(Getting Bathed and Blow Dried)

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(Getting groomed and trimmed)

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(Getting Fed)

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(Getting Dressed)

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  • Alora is a Javan Rhino. Javan rhinoceros ranged from the islands of Java and Sumatra, throughout Southeast Asia, and into India and China.
  • Alora will hopefully make more appearances in other episodes, that will be made.
  • Alora will hopefully make more cameos in other episodes, that will be made.


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