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Bayou is the pet pony of Tiana, given to her by Naveen's family. When Tiana recieved her, she couldn't be

Her color scheme is yellow and ivy-green. Her ivy colored heart-pawprint marking is on her upper left arm.

Bayou is voiced by Ashleigh Ball.



Bayou is a creamy yellow pony with big brown eyes and ivy-green hooves. Her mane is short and lilac with a very few little curls and most likely her tail followes this. She wears a glimmering green leafy tiara with dew-drop shaped gems on the top of it and most-likely a shimmering pink ribbon on her tail.

From what can be seen, Bayou wears a rich velvet-purple harness with tiny clear gem-studs, an ivy green collar with a white flower in the center, and a ivy green cloth over her back.



  • A Bayou is a low area of water often found in flat locations.


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