Berry is a honey young bunny that belongs to Snow White. Who found her inside of a blueberry bush and discovered her
big fondness of foods.

Her theme colors are white, red, and gold and her heart-paw print is located on her right hip/upper leg.

Berry is voiced by Aidan Gemme.


Berry is very graceful, and she is known for a gentle disposition and personality.


Berry is a blue bunny with very big, light brown eyes and a pink nose, matching the inside coloring of her ears. She has a single tuft of bangs and wears a golden bow with a big red gem heart in the center. Her tail is very big and fluffy, and worn with a red shimmering ribbon.

Around her neck, Berry wears a gold pearl necklace with a big medallion attached.



  • Talking and Singing Berry. Comes with a puffy white tail and a dark blue brush with red apple on it.
  • Furry Tail Friends Berry. Comes with a dark blue brush with a red apple on it. Her tail has tinsel in it.



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