Physical and Vital Information
Owned By Rapunzel
Species Pony
Gender Female
Theme Colors Yellow, Purple
Voice Katie Leigh (App)

TBA (Whisker Haven)

Blondie is the brave pony of Rapunzel, whom she met during a parade thrown to welcome the Princess back into town.



A light golden pony with large blue eyes. Her golden hooves match her gold paw marking, located on her left flank. She has thick eyebrows and a slightly darker than her skin muzzle, while her inner-ear is pale brown. She has a wavy mane and tail, with a glittering fuchsia bow on her tail and flowers and leaves decorating her mane.

Blondie wears a purple harness accented with small gold pieces to match her collar. On her back is a purple saddle with indigo on the side that has a flower design.


Blondie is just as brave and sweet as her owner. She is very trustworthy and acts as a guard horse - no one else can salute as elegant as she!

She loves flowers, the royal parade, and being brushed.


  • Blondie Beauty and Bliss Playset. Comes with a purple tower container, a hair dryer and brush, a portrait of Blondie with Rapunzel, and three hairclips with pink, magenta, and purple hair attached. Her tail has purple-pink tinsel in it and can be brushed.
  • AirWalker® Balloon Buddy.
  • Toy Plush.
  • Princess Doll and Pet Figure Set.
  • Ornament.
  • Wristwatch.
  • Balloon Buddy Airwalker Decoration Supplies


  • "Would you help me get ready for the royal parade?"

​(Getting Bathed and Blow Dried)

  • "Rapunzel will be so pleased to see me!"

(Getting groomed and trimmed)

  • "Guard horses needs lots of grooming."
  • "My mane looks also sleek and shiny!
  • "I love it when Rapunzel brushes and braids my mane."
  • "Rapunzel will be so pleased to see me!"

(Getting Fed)

  • "Is it time for a treat?"
  • (Eating a carrot) "Yippee!"
    • "Mmm! That was a tasty treat!"
    • "A treat for me?! Why, thank you!"
  • (Eating an apple) "Mmm! That was a tasty treat!"
    • "A treat for me?! Why, thank you!"
    • "Yippee!"
    • "Thank you!"
  • (Eating hay) "A treat for me?! Why, thank you!"
    • "Mmm! That was a tasty treat!"
    • "Thank you!"
  • (Eating grass) "Thank you!"
    • "Yippee!"
    • "Mmm! That was a tasty treat!"

(Getting Dressed)

  • "Now I'm ready for the royal parade!"
  • "Oh, I've never looked so regal!"
  • "More accessories, please!"
  • "A guard horse needs a lot of accessories."


  • Blondie's name could have come from Rapunzel's nickname from Flynn.
  • In the Palace Pets App, Blondie's muzzle coloring is more visible than in her design or artwork.
  • She made a cameo in the Whisker Haven Episodes: Brie-zy Does It and Halloween in Whisker Haven (shadowy in the crowd) and will hopefully make more cameos in other episodes, that will be made..
  • She will hopefully make more appearences in other episodes, that will be made.









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