Bloom is a cute pony who was given to Aurora from Prince Phillip.

Her color scheme is purple with small hints of pink. She has a pink heart-pawprint marking on her upper right arm.

Bloom is voiced by Tara Strong.


Talented and full of charm, Bloom is known to be the most popular pony in all of the stable. She is a natural performer and loves attention.


Bloom is a very pale pink pony with light violet eyes. Her mane and tail are a mixture of lilac and violet and her mane is about chest length with many strands of hair ending in thick curls. Her bangs match Aurora's and her tail is very long and flowy, reaching the ground and worn with a magenta shimmering ribbon. Her hooves are light pink.

Bloom wears a metallic pink harness to match her collar/necklace and crown. Both of which have 2 purple gem hearts in the center. Also worn is a short purple piece over her back with tiny purple beads dangling from it.


  • Palace Pets Pony Packs Bloom. Comes with a fuchsia brush with a heart on it, a fuchsia heart shaped item holder, and tree pink translucent clips. With the brush, one can brush Bloom's purple tinseld tail.


  • Originally Bloom was a beige color with sandy-blonde hair to match Aurora. Her mane and tail length were shorter.
  • In the Palace Pets App, Bloom's mane appears to be slightly different in color. But it is possibly due to the artwork and graphics used.
  • Bloom appeared in the Palace Pets Chapter book: Beauty: Aurora's Sleepy Kitten.


  • "Is it time for my grooming?"
  • "Imagine all the compliments I'm going to get!"
  • "Giggles"


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