Cinderella is one of the disney Princesses that appears in the Palace Pet series. She is a blue and the owner of Pumpkin,
who was given to her by her husband, and Bibiddy, who was given to her by the fairy godmother.

Cinderella first appeared during 1950 and was originally the oldest princesses, being nineteen. After Elsa from Frozen joins, she will become the second oldest. She was the second Princess introduced.

Since she's been around, Cinderella has been voiced by Jennifer Hale.


A headstrong and independant young woman, Cinderella never lets her anger or sorrow get the better of her if she can help it. She remains focused and mature and is always kind to others, even those who may have wronged her before. Best demonstrated with one of her step-sisters, who she managed to make turn over a new leaf, befriend, and seperate from the step family also. 

She has a little hint of sarcasm in her, but it's usually only in private and normally involves her nasty step family. And while she is normally very calm and patient, she can have her rare moments of hostility, but only if the situation deserves it. She also has rare, clumsy moments.

Cinderella is very knowledgeable and clever, something that is surprising given her poor upbringing. She has become very resourceful in her years and is quick to think up ideas in times of need. She was also idealistic and while she did have her dreams, she worked hard every day instead of wasting the time doing nothing.

Cinderella likes animals, dancing, dreams, and her fairy godmothers magic of course. But she dislikes being mistreated, when her stepmothers cat causes trouble, the way the castle used to be before she changed it.


Because she did a lot of the housework growing up, Cinderella has many natural home-making skills. Like cleaning, and maybe cooking. She has a natural gift when it comes to creation and sewing also.


Cinderella is a fair skinned young woman with small dark blue eyes and pale pink lips. She has short blond hair that appears about shoulder length when worn down, that she will pull up into a curly bun-like shape on the top of her head and wears it was a blue headband. Her princess dress is white or blue oriented, with a simple top and puffed sleeves. The skirt is a single layer with a lighter blue part going aroun the "belt line". She also wears elbow length gloves, a plain black choker, and her iconic glass slippers.

In 2012/2013, the Princesses recieved minor updates to their appearance. Her hair is now exclusively shown as bright yellow with a more detailed bun on the top of her head, alternate shaped bangs, and a few loose strands of hair. Her headband also no longer covers her ears. Her dress has kept its shape, other then the sleeves and the skirt, which has been split to show the petticoat in the center. It has many sequins and glitter, as well as fancy designs. Her glass slippers are now tinted blue. 

As a child, Cinderella was shown to have a small ponytail on the top of her head, worn with a silver crown that had two sapphire hearts on it. She also wore a much smaller variant of her dress, no gloves, pearl earrings, and blue flats.

Other Outfits

  • One holiday variant consists of her normal dress, but worn with a pale silver-lilac shawl and cape with fur trim and a small piece of mistletoe attached to one of the sides to match the mistletoe on her headband.
  • A golden and white variant of her normal dress. Worn with blue earrings, a crown, bracelets, gold and blue gem necklace, and gold heels.
  • A ballerina dress that consists of a blue tank top over a powder blue, frill lined top. The skirt is blue and about knee length. She wore her normal headband and earrings, but added a blue choker and ballerina slippers.
  • A pink and white dress with a bow on the chest, pink gloves, a crystal necklace, and pink headband with tiny pink flowers. Her hair was worn in its normal style but with multiple loose strands of hair.
  • A fuchia and magenta themed dress with bows on it, purple heels with red bows, and a magenta bow headband.
  • A bright sky blue dress with white petticoat, pink ruffled lining and flowers. It came with short white gloves, a pearl necklace with pink flower, red earrings, and a pink flowery headband. The shoes were teal.
  • Her normal dress but with flower accessories.
  • A bejeweled variant of her dress that has many gold detailings and bright sapphire gems. Worn with a fancy gold crown that has five sapphires on it. Her gloves are white. Came with a silver cape with fur and blue pearls/gems lining it
  • Her wedding dress, which is a simple white dress with glittering skirt, a simple white head piece and a translucent veil with sparkles.
  • During a festival event, she is shown wearing a creamy themed dress with a dull blue headband and choker.
  • A blue and white flower themed gown with a leafy belt and orange flowers at her chest and neck.


Cinderella's father married the woman who would become her stepmother. After his death, shortly after the marriage, Cinderella was forced into the maid work around the home. She suffered at the hands of her cruel stepmother and sisters and thought it would never end. But one day, she found out there would be a ball. She knew she had to attend it but in secrecy, due to her stepmothers refusal.

When they found out that she would be going, her sisters destroyed the dress, thinking it would keep her from going. It was then Cinderella discovered she had a fairy god mother, who transformed the ugly remains of her ruined dress into what would become her iconic dress now. She danced with the prince, then fled when midnight came along and soon after, the prince came in search of her. When he found Cinderella, he wisked her away for marriage upon finding out she was the true owner of the glass slipper.



  • Cinderella was the first Princess to be shown as a little girl.
  • Cinderella's hair coloring has been up to some debate amongst fans. Due to how different in tends to look in all of the medias she has appeared in.
  • Her shoe size is 4 1/2 womans.


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