Lychee met Mulan one ay when she was busy preparing for the Chinese New Year and she found her horse, Khan teaching the little pony to jump over high obstacles. After Khan left Mulan was surprised to find Lychee still trying to jump afterwards, due to how tired she was. She encouraged her with a special paper lantern and from that day on, Mulan and Lychee have been inseparable.

Lychee's theme coloring is pink with accenting of light green and dark purple. Her special marking, which is purple, is on her upper right arm.

Lychee is voiced by Ingland Shelvie.



Lychee is a pale pink pony with magenta eyes. She has long, dull, dark purple hair pulled into a bun along the bottom, while her tail is also pulled into a slight bun, but near the top. Her tail is held by a sparkling lavender ribbon while a light green ban ties her hair. Her face piece if magenta in color, while her hooves are dull lavender.

Lychee wears green ribbons tied around both ears, as well as a green tiara with pink star in the center, a purple and blue necklace with a pink flower in the center, and a pink cloth with pale pink ruffles and a band of light green.



  • A lychee is a fruit usually eaten fresh and found in most asian cultures.


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