Palace Pets - Macaron.png
Physical and Vital Information
Owned By Aurora
Species Puppy
Gender Female
Theme Colors Pink, Gold
Voice (App)

Aubrey K. Miller (Whisker Haven)

Macaron is Aurora's new puppy. She followed the three good fairies to the castle after spotting their sparkle trail, and after seeing her, Aurora was quickly smitten.



A pale pink-lilac puppy with curly bright pink ears, bangs, and tail. She has light purple eyes and feminine lashes. Her nose is caramel-brown, and her pink paw marking is on her hip.

Macaron wears a gold collar with a pink gem attached to it, along with a matching tiara. On her tail is a bright pink glittering ribbon.


Macaron is a gentle and kind puppy who dreams of someday gaining her own wand to cast magic. She desires to help others and make them happy, but for now just has fun sitting with Aurora while they watch the Good Fairies practice their spells.

She likes Magical Spells, Magic Wands, and chasing the Fairies.


  • Furry Tail Friends
  • Cat and Dog Mini Pack
  • Glitzy Glitter Friends
  • Palace Pets Pop & Stick Mini Surprise Bags


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  • Macaron is the second dog with an unnatural fur color, the first being Matey.
  • She is the only dog with a tail that isn't one combined piece of hair, having several curled strands sticking out. 
  • She is the second brown-nosed dog, the first being Muffin.
  • She is the only dog with unnatural colored eyes.
  • She will appear in a third season and some appearances in some episodes of Whisker Haven Tales and will hopefully make more appearances in other episodes and other seasons, that will be made.
  • She will come to the Whisker Haven App with Taj, Brie and Booksy.
  • She is going to make her 1st cameo and will hopefully make more cameos in the show someday.


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