Macaron is Aurora's new little puppy. She followed the three good fairies to the castle after spotting their sparkle trail, and after seeing her, Aurora was quickly smitten.
Palace Pets - Macaron

Her color scheme is rose-pink and gold. Her pink emblem marking is on her upper left leg.

She is voiced by (Unknown).

In Whisker Haven Tales, she is voiced by (Unknown).


Macaron is a gentle and kind puppy who dreams of someday gaining her own wand to cast magic. She desires to help others and make them happy, but for now just has fun sitting with Aurora while they watch the Good Fairies practice their spells.


Macaron is pale lilac with dull, lavender eyes and a brown nose. Her hair and tail are rose-pink with many curls. She wears a red velvet bow on her tail, a gold tiara with a single large pink gem, and a collar to match it.


  • Furry Tail Friends


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(Getting groomed and trimmed)

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(Getting Fed)

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  • She likes Magic Wands, the three Fairies’ spells, and chasing the fairies.


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