Meadow is a young skunk that belongs to Rapunzel, who rescued her from Flynn when he had been chasing her

Her color scheme is pink with small amounts of yellow and purple. Her gold heart paw print marking is located on her right upper leg.

Meadow is voiced by Ingland shelvie.


A royal sweety, Meadow loves to prance around the castle like a true queen.


Meadow is a pink-purple furred skunk with lighter markings on her face, muzzle, chest and stomach, and a huge amount on her tail. Her nose is pink-purple, and her eyes green. She has short, curled hair worn with a gold three piece crown. Her tail resembles a basic skunk tail. Decorating her body, Meadow has yellow, pink, and purple flowers all over her hair and tail. As well as a pink ribbon on her tail and a flower necklace.

Recently, Meadow has become more purple furred and she has been given a very unique rainbow tail. Her eyes have become a dark teal-green.


  • "Please, make me look royal as possible!"
  • "Does this go with my royal crown?"




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