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Physical and Vital Information
Owned By Snow White
Species Puppy
Gender Female
Theme Colors Red, Gold, Soft Blue
Voice Cristina Vee (App)

TBA (Whisker Haven)

Muffin is a poodle that the seven dwarves found one day while she helped a little bird that fell from it's nest. They thought she would make the perfect pet for Snow White and together they rescue troubled woodland creatures. 



Muffin is a pale blonde dog with a brown nose and large brown eyes accented with girly lashes. Her ears are slightly puffy and a pale milk blue to match her bangs and tail, each held with a glittering red ribbon or bow. Her red paw mark is on her right hip.

She wears a gold crown with a red heart in the middle connected to a gold ornament, along with a red collar adorned with a red gem bone and small studs. A small blue cap hangs over her shoulders.


Muffin is an heroic pooch spending her days helping the poor woodland creatures. But she always makes time to bond with Snow White.


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  • "There's a Celebration in the castle, could you help me get ready?''

​(Getting Bathed and Blow Dried)

  • "After all that rescuing, I should take a bath."
  • "I can't wait for Snow White to see me!"

(Getting groomed and trimmed)

  • "You're as good at brushing as Snow White."
  • "Just let me know if you need an extra set of paws for brushing."
  • "It's important to brush everyday. Snow White taught me that."

(Getting Fed)

  • "Ooh! A treat! I need extra energy when I help rescue my friends."
  • (Eating a green bone) "
  • (Eating a bone) "May I have a treat? I remember to wash my paws!"
  • (Eating a chew bone) "Rescuers need lots of treats."
  • (Eating a dog bone treat) "

(Getting Dressed)

  • "Once I used a bow to make a sling for a squirrel, who hurt his arm."
  • "I'm a lucky puppy to wear something lovely!"
  • "Oh, how pretty!"


  • Muffin shares her ear shape with Pumpkin.
  • In toy form, Muffin's pale blue fur is colored darker blue. 
  • She was added in the Palace Pets App with Fern, Plumdrop, and Truffles. 
  • In the App, she has bright blue fur with a white chest fur and her paw print is pink instead of red. 
  • Her shadow in the crowd was shown in the Whisker Haven Episode: Halloween in Whisker Haven. 
  • Pumpkin, Lacy and Muffin are both Poodles.