Nyle is Jasmine's pet monkey. This little playful monkey was found one day when Jasmine was out buying spices with Aladdin. It jumped out of a vase and began to tease Abu, causing them to start chasing each other.

As Jamine realized that Nyle only misbehaved for attention she decided to bring him back to the Palace to make some friends. Now Abu and he play together every day, and even prank Sultan - but luckily, he cares for them a lot.

His theme coloring is teal and yellow with mint accenting. His paw-print marking is on his upper left leg.

He is voiced by Cameron Boyce


A naughty Monkey with a big heart. He loves pranks, but when he feels loved, he can become the most loyal of friends. His favorite pastimes are hanging by his tail from the trees and looking at the bright colors of the spices and the market.


Nyle is a teal monkey with pale mint ears, paws, face, and fluffy tail. He has large almond-colored eyes and pale peach inner-ear. He wears a yellow bow with a yellow collar and crown, both accented by large, dull emerald stones. 



  • Furry Tail Friends


He loves spices, pranks and hanging from trees.


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