Petit is the good pony that belongs to Belle, and was founded by her at a frozen lake one winters day while out for a stroll.
Usually she can be found prancing around the castle.

Her color scheme is gold and pink, and she has a gold heart-pawprint marking on her upper right arm.

Petit is voiced by Andrea Libman.


An adventurous horse with a strong-will to match. She is full of energy but she lacks an easy-going temperament and can have a little attitude now and then. Besides Belle she respects nobody else and refuses to let anyone else ride her.


Petit is a golden-brown pony with a white muzzle to match her hooves. Her hair is a soft shade of pink and resembles Belle's normal hair style, coming to her chest. Her tail is long and wavy and just barely touches the ground, worn with a shimmering gold bow. Her eyes are green.

Petit wears a gold harness to match her golden earrings and collar with a pink rose in the center. Her crown is pink, and she has a light pink cloth on her back.


  • Palace Pets Pony Packs Petit. Comes with a yellow brush that has a pink rose on it, three pink trancluent hair clips, and a golden chest to hold the items.


  • Petit means "little/tiny/small", but ironically being a pony/horse, she is the tallest of the pets in this series.
  • Seashell's basic pose is very similar to Petit's. It is possible she was edited off of her.


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