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Only some of the pets

The Palace Pets are the lovable companions of the Disney Princesses. Currently there are a total of 59 pets.

This page will serve as a directory to each of their pages, where you can find information, fun facts, pictures, etc. If you wish to add to this page, please make sure it's located in the proper spot.  

To see prototype pets, visit: Pet Prototypes.










  • Originally, many of the pets were colored to look closer to their owners. This had been changed before the release of the series; possibly to look more attractive to the intended buyers. 
  • Not counting the Other pets, the smallest animal sets would be the bunnies and the bears.
    • The largest pet set is Ponies, with ten in total.
  • Meadow is the only pet to have a change in appearance after release.  
  • Bibbidy and Petit are the only pets to wear earrings.  
  • Ash is the only fantasy animal in the series.  
  • In merchandise, the pets were voiced by adults. In the Whisker Haven Tales series, they were voiced by children.  
  • Rapunzel, Aurora and Jasmine have the most pets in the series, having 8 in total.