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Physical and Vital Information
Owned By Mulan
Species Kitten
Gender Female
Theme Colors Pale purple, Light green, Pink
Voice Cherami Leigh (App)

TBA (Whisker Haven)

Plumdrop is a kitten that Mulan got after visiting Grandma Fa for some tea one day when she was feeling sad. She was surprised to be presented with Plumdrop and Fa claimed that she brought good fortune. But when the kitten tried to look inside the teapot, it spilled tea on everyone. Mulan was cheered up right after when Plumdrop showed disgust with the tea that she tried to clean up. Since then, the two have been inseparable.



Plumdrop is a pale lilac kitten with smooth, fluffy bangs and loose fur by her cheeks. Her inner-ear and little nose are soft pink to match her fluffy tail. Her ears, paws, and face are lavender. She has light blue eyes and her paw marking is located on her upper leg.

She wears a pastel green tiara with a pink flower, a pink pearl necklace with flower attached, and a pastel green bow to match the ribbon ties around her ears. 


 Plumdrop is still quite clumsy, but she’s always ready to do her best to make up for it. She likes rice cakes, searching for the best solutions, and tickling Mulan.


  • "I wanna look my best for Mulan, would you help me?"

​(Getting Bathed and Blow Dried)

  • "Meow!"
  • "I need lots of baths
  • "My paws get muddy cause, I trip a lot, and there alway seems to be a puddle right there."

(Getting groomed and trimmed)

  • "Grandmother Fa would love to see me shiny and clean! She thinks I bring good luck you know.

(Getting Fed)

  • "I'll try not to drop my treat!"
  • (Eating) "Oh, I’d be very lucky to get a treat from you!"
  • (Eating) "I'm glad I didn’t spill my snack, it was delicious!
  • (Eating) "
  • (Eating) "I'm glad I didn’t spill my snack, it was delicious!

(Getting Dressed)

  • "


  • Furry Tail Friends (Unreleased)


  • She's been added to Palace Pets App with Fern, Muffin and Truffles.
  • She's the only pet of Mulan with blue eyes.


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