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Rouge was found by Belle outside of the Castle Library. She loved her so much that she adopted her right away!

Rouge has a pink and yellow theme, and her marking is located on her upper left leg/thigh.

She is voiced by Ingland Shelvie. 


Rouge is very curious. Rouge loves listening and reading stories about far off lands and also enjoys visits to Maurice's messy invention room.


Rouge is a pale pink cat with forest-green eyes. Her eyeborws and nose are pink to match her long hair pulled into a ponytail. Inside of her ears is yellow coloring, matching her puffy, long tail. Both her hair and tail are held by sparkling fuchsia bows.

On her head, Rouge wears a simple gold crown with three pink gems on the top and a rose-shape in the center. Around her neck she wears a simple gold collar with a big pink gem.



  • Rouge if one of the few pets to not have her tail and hair match.


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