Seashell was originally a sea horse that has come on land, currently in the posession of Ariel, but currently it is unknown how she got her.

Seashell's color scheme is purple and light green. Her paw-print shield mark is violet and on her upper right arm.

Seashell is voiced by Shannon Dee Kent.


Kind of clumsy, Seashell is a funny little sweetie who can swim very well. She loves seashells!


Seashell is a pale purple pony with violet colored eyes and silvery-lilac hooves. Her wavy hair is red and goes down to her feet with her bangs curling in one direction while the lower half is worn with a green bow. On her head is a violet crown with a big green gem in the center. Her tail is very long and thick, with a little wave in it.

Seashell wears a green, leafy shawl piece on her back, along with a leafy style tail ornament. Around her neck is a green necklace with a big round piece in the center and a lilac seashell.


  • Primp and Pamper Pony - Comes with a teal and purple brush, a purple glittery tutu, and four pink shoes.
  • Seashell Minature


  • Seashell's picture may be an edit of Petit's.
  • It is hinted that Seashell may have originally been a sea horse.


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