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Slipper is a plump kitty owned by Cinderella. She has a special talent that involves finding shiny, pretty objects that the Princess uses to make jewelry with.

She has a blue and pale pink color scheme, and her blue heart-pawprint mark is on her right thigh.

Slipper is voiced by Ingland Shelvie.


Slipper's unique ability may hint that she enjoys sparkly, shiny objects.


Slipper is a pale blue-white, fluffy cat that happens to be just a smidge overweight or have thick fur. She has bright, sky blue eyes and a pale pink nose to match her cheeks, while her muzzle and chest fur is white. She has light pink coloring in her ears. Her bangs are short cut and a pale, frosted pink to match her curly tail held by a bright blue ribbon. She also wears a big silver crown with sapphire gem in the center, and a thin necklace with a blue sphere depicting Cinderella's glass slipper.



  • Slipper's colorscheme matches that of Bibiddy, who also belongs to Cinderella.
  • Due to her talent, Cinderella will often say that Slipper is "her hidden gem".


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