Sultan is a slow but steady tiger that belongs to Jasmine. Who found him when she was out in the market. He had been
resting on a pile of precious silks. 

His theme colors are orange and blue. His blue heart-paw print is located on his left hip/upper leg.

Sultan is voiced by Andrew Francis.


Sultan is known for his loyalty and bravery. Often he spends his time picking out jewels with Jasmine.


Sultan is an orange and brown striped tiger cub with a white chin, furry chest, and paws. His eyes are a mixture of yellow and orange, while his nose and inner ear coloring is pink. He has loose, creamy-orange fur at his cheeks.

Sultan wears very few accessories, consisting of a teal head band with a big blue orb-gem in the middle and a light blue feather attached. As well as a shimmery teal bow on his tail.


  • "Hi!" Glad to see you again!"
  • "A little brush doesn't scare me!"
  • "Purr"
  • "Who knew there was so much water in the desert?"
  • "Woah! That feels great!"
  • "La-La-La!"
  • "Wow! I Look amazing!"
  • "Don't forget to brush my beard!"
  • "Rawr! Did I scare you?"



  • Sultan being a tiger could be a reference to Jasmine's pet tiger from the movies.
  • Sultan has a magic carpet themed blanket.
  • in "A Brave Tiger for Jasmine" book, Sultan has a full white muzzle.
  • Sultan and Matey are best friends.


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