Summer is a spunky love kitty founded by Rapunzel one day, all dirty with matted fur. But with some love and affection, Summer was cleaned up and Rapunzel gained a new best friend. Summer has a light yellow eyeshadow.

Summer's theme colors are yellow and pink. She has a gold heart-paw print on the upper section of her right leg.

Summer is voiced by Ingland Shelvie.


Summer is a sweety that loves to go on long walks and be cuddled by Rapunzel.


Summer is a golden-blond kitten with big forest green eyes and lighter yellow coloring around her mouth and paws. Her nose is pink and she seems to be have pale pink blush on her cheeks, and dark pink coloring inside of her ears. Her hair is long and comes down to the ground with a slight curl, worn with pink and purple flowers and held in a low ponytail. Her bangs are mostly pulled back except for one thick forelock. Her tail is much smaller and has small pink and purple flowers on it.

Summer wears a gold gem-crown, as well as a simple pearl necklace with a pink and silver gem attached to it, and a big pink shimmering bow on her tail.



  • Spa Playset. Comes with a pink, purple, and white themed playset with minor hints of gold. As well as Summer with purple furry tail, a translucent pink bottle, a magenta brush, a white hair dryer, a white brush, and four translucent hair clips.


  • Summer has a lucky pebble.


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