Physical and Vital Information
Owned By Snow White
Species Pony
Gender Female
Theme Colors Red
Voice Sarah Williams (App)

Alexandra Peters/Grace Kaufmann (Whisker Haven)

Sweetie is a funny and delightful pony that belongs to Snow White, who met her when she went to meet with the prince who was returning from a trip. She saw Sweetie begin to act up when she caught sight of her strawberry pie and shared it with her. 



Sweetie is a pearl-blue pony with vibrant light brown eyes, pink-beige inside ear coloring, and milk-blue hooves. She has a medium length mane of milk-blue that is worn in many single flipped curls, including two very long ones acting as bangs that fold back behind her ears. Her milk-blue tail resembles a typical horse tail.

Sweetie wears a red crown with a big indigo heart in the center, a red collar with a red heart surrounded by gold, a shiny red ribbon tied into a bow for her tail, a pale blue harness and forehead piece, and a two-layer yellow shawl piece lined in gold. 


Sweetie is a big hearted pony filled to the brim with talent. She is known for being humorous and would do anything for a piece of pie; wether it be prancing, jumping, or twirling around!


  • Primp and Pamper Pony - Comes with four gold shoes, a red tutu skirt, and a red brush.
  • Talking And Singing Ponies


  • "I just know you'll help me look pretty for Snow White."

​(Getting Bathed and Blow Dried)

  • "
  • "
  • "
  • "

(Getting groomed and trimmed)

  • "
  • "
  • "
  • "

(Getting Fed)

  • "
  • (Eating) "
  • (Eating) "
  • (Eating) "
  • (Eating) "

(Getting Dressed)


  • Sweetie's picture may have been an edit off Bibiddy's.
  • Instead of pale blue, her mark has also been depicted as gold.
  • In the UK Toys, her name was changed to Peaches.
  • In Whisker Haven, she appeared in "Hat's a Wrap!" and "Throwing a Ball and will hopefully appear in other episodes, that will be made."
  • She made a cameo in the Whisker Haven Episode: Brie-zy Does It and will hopefully make more cameos in other episodes, that will be made.






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