Sweetie is a funny and delightful pony that belongs to Snow White, but currently it is unknown how she got her.

Sweetie's color scheme is white and blue with small amounts of red-pink. Her marking is on her upper left arm and matches the color of her body.

Sweetie is voiced by Kath Soucie.


Sweetie is a big hearted pony filled to the brim with talent. She is known for being humorous and would do anything for a pie. Including prancing, jumping, and twirling around like a spinning top!


Sweetie is a very pale blue, white colored pony with silvery-blue hooves and bright caramel brown eyes. She has pretty, silvery-blue stylized hair with Snow White's bangs and each seperate part of hair coming down to curl on end. Her tail almost reaches the ground and has a little wave in it. She wears a red metal crown on her head with a big blue heart in the center.

Sweetie wears a yellow shawl on her back with golden lining and details, along with a red bow on her tail and a red necklace with a gold broach attached to it with a red heart shaped center. On her face is a blue-ish harness.


  • Primp and Pamper Pony - Comes with four gold shoes, a red tutu skirt, and a red brush.


  • Sweetie's picture seems to be an edit of Bibiddy's.
  • Her pawprint-shield mark has appeared to be yellow, while in most art it is the same color of her body.
  • Sweetie got added to the Palace Pets App and her pawprint is gold on her left shoulder.


  • "I just know you'll help me look pretty for Snow White."
  • "My princess is going to so pleased!"


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