{{Dia|Treasure|Meow. (she continues repeating it as she's playing with a boat in the water, until she sees a glowing ball. She looks at it. Ms. Featherbon appears, and scares Treasure into the water, splashing Featherbon)}}

{{Dia|Featherbon|I have come from Whisker Haven to find you, because we need your help, Treasure. (Treasure splashes Featherbon again) Oh oh dearest dear me, no time, no time at all, Pumpkin needs our help. (She is holding a circle that shows the portal to Whisker Haven. (The 2 go into the portal.}}

{{Dia|Treasure|Meowsers! Where are we going? (The 2 come out of the portal) Oof! (Treasure sees the Whisker Haven) Shearing seashells!}}

{{Dia|Featherbon|Welcome to Whisker Haven, dear! Oh! I'm Ms. Featherbon, and I'd like your help.}}

{{Dia|Treasure|I'm Treasure, and- (she gets scared)}}

{{Dia|Petite|So happy you're here. I'm Petite, follow me. Pumpkin's in trouble!}}

{{Dia|Treasure|Wait wait wait. Who's Pumpkin?}}


{{Dia|Treasure|Carboling catfish! What happened? (Bubble pops)}}

{{Dia|Petite|(flashback plays) Pumpkin left her bathtub running, and it overflowed into the ballroom!}}

{{Dia|Pumpkin|Petite! Explain later, whoa! Can somebody help me?}}

{{Dia|Petite|I can't swim!}}

{{Dia|Featherbon|And my feathers aren't flippers! That's why we need you, Treasure.}}

{{Dia|Treasure|Easy! I love the water. Anchors away! (splashes Petite, while Featherbon has an umbrella.}}

{{Dia|Petite|(makes weird noises, while shaking water off)}}



{{Dia|Treasure|(swimming continues)}}


{{Dia|Treasure|(straining, finds a leash) Petite! Catch! Let's all pull together!}}

{{Dia|Treasure|(pulling along with Petite and Featherbon, door opens, and the water goes down, everyone cheers)}}

{{Dia|Petite|Gasp! Where's Treasure?}}

{{Dia|Featherbon|(pops bubble, which has Treasure inside)}}

{{Dia|Treasure|Thanks for bursting my bubble, that was fun!}}

{{Dia|Featherbon|(she and Petite laugh)}}

{{Dia|Pumpkin|And thank you, Treasure. Now, I must get to Cinderella's ball. Goodbye!}}

{{Dia|Featherbon|Not so fast, messy missy, you have some cleaning to do!}}


{{Dia|Treasure|Come on, we can make it fun!}}

{{Dia|Petite|And I'll lend a hoof!}}

{{Dia|Pumpkin|I'm so lucky to have friends like you.}}

{{DiaEmpty|(a montage of the 4 cleaning up the mess)}}

{{Dia|Treasure|All paws, All hooves! On deck!}}

{{DiaEmpty|The 4: Hearts, hooves, paws! Yay!}}

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