1. Hearts! Hooves! Eggs!: When it's spring time, Treasure, Sultan, Taj, and Nuzzles decide to go on an egg hunt.
  2. Pets on the Hunt!: The Palace Pets go on a scavenger hunt.
  3. Whisker Haven Masquerade: (just Masquerade in the UK) The Palace Pets go to the Whisker Haven Masquerade!
  4. Chowing Down!: All of Mr. Chow's kibble has gone missing! Fern investigates to find out what happened to it.
  5. Whisker Haven Buddies Day: Petit pairs up with Nyle for Buddies Day!
  6. Where is Taj?: The Palace Pets play hide and seek with Taj!
  7. Helping Hooves: Truffles and Bibbidy help Pumpkin find her bows!
  8. Whoop-de-Doo!: Join the Palace Pets as they rehearse for their show.
  9. Treasure's Island: The Palace Pets have a pool party at Treasure Island!
  10. Brie-zy Does It: The Palace Pets get ready for the Royal Pony-Palooza.
  11. Slipper Sparkle: (formerly Slippers Sparks) Slipper puts sparkles all over the sails and the deck of Treasure's ship. But instead of making it better, the sparkles ruin the ship!
  12. Halloween in Whisker Haven: (formerly Halloween Night) Berry has been so busy that she's forgotten to make a Halloween costume of her own! Now her friends Daisy, Matey, and Slipper must help her make a costume.
  13. Winter in Whisker Haven: The Palace Pets save Christmas.
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