Windflower is a raccoon that belongs to Pocahontas, who found her stuck in a log.

Her color scheme is shades of blue and gold, while her golden heart-paw print is on her left legs upper-side.

Windflower is voiced by Marieve Herington.


Windflower loves to play and explore. But she can't help but get into trouble now and then. To get out of it she usually relies on her big, cute eyes. While loved by all, the adults usually use her tales as "lesson stories" for children.


Windflower is a light blue colored raccoon with dark blue around her eyes, ears, paws, and nose. Her eyes are dark brown and she seems to have no hair other then her bodies fur. Her tail is very puffed with periwinkle blue stripes. She wears a gold tiara with a giant crystal in the center attached to three feathers of purple, pink, and blue.

Windflower wears a feathery gold tail piece, an orange shawl with gold lining, and a blue collar.



  • Figurine



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